Over the years, PWGD has established a reputation for flair and originality in design, the production of detailed and quality documentation, and the efficient and timely implementation of projects.

PWGD believe strongly in the need to spend a great deal of time on a project site to personally inspect and get a feel for what the site has to offer and how the development as a whole can best work with the land.

Every project is different and client requirements vary enormously. PWGD strive to be as flexible as possible, aiming to provide the particular services required for any specific project. Our associates with their specialist backgrounds are available to form part of any project team.

In our designs, PWGD strive to ensure the following parameters are satisfied.

  • Whilst providing a challenge, the golf course is enjoyable to play for all golfers.
  • Layouts should be such that during the course of a round the thinking golfer is rewarded, the careless player penalised.
  • The course and surroundings are aesthetically pleasing and readily and economically maintained.
  • Existing landform, vegetation and wetlands are protected where relevant and carefully integrated into the overall design.
  • Special features of a positive nature should be emphasised.
  • In course upgrading projects in particular the best features of the existing layout should be retained and new design concepts carefully adapted to harmonise with these features.


PWGD Consultancy Services


PWGD works with the Project Team to produce a Master plan that meets the requirements of the Client, statutory authorities and civil engineering and other relevant constraints. Generally involved are site inspections to determine site opportunities and constraints, the preparation and evaluation of options, cost estimations and preliminary works programming. Usually a strategy report is also prepared defining proposed play strategy on a hole by hole basis and providing preliminary design plans and images.


After the Masterplan has been approved the full golf course design stage can proceed together with production of the drawings and documents required for construction.

During the planning and design stages we will make several visits to the proposed site, and walked most of the area of the golf course. We spend a great deal of time on every golf course development site evaluating the site and the vegetation and other features on it. Many times we are the first project members to really get in and see what the site is about. Wherever possible we will do what we can to retain quality vegetation and special features and route the golf course to work with the land. If possible, the planned centerlines of the golf course, from tees, to fairways, to the greens are surveyed so we can “walk the course” as we design it, making necessary changes as we progress.

From these visits and the experience gained we will fully design the golf course in great detail, and our clients can rest assured knowing that nothing is left to chance in the documentation and tender stages, and construction can proceed efficiently and within budget.


Over the years, PWGD has established a reputation for flair and originality in design, the production of detailed and quality documentation, and the efficient and timely implementation of projects.

PWGD believe strongly in the importance of detailed and high quality design and documentation. Such documentation is essential for maximum efficiency, economy and control in golf course construction.

During the full design stage we shall produce the drawings and documents required for construction. These drawings are generally computer generated and include the following:

shaping plans  detailed shaping plan  site plans  technical specifications  computer graphics


Contoured shaping plans are produced covering the entire works area. These plans indicate shaping works to 0.5 meter intervals, and include all golf course features, surface water drainage philosophy, access and maintenance roads, clubhouse and maintenance compound sites and golfer access routing.


Detailed shaping plans at a larger scale are produced for greens, greensite bunkering and surrounding areas that require subtle shaping to be shown in more detail.


Other plans in PWGD documentation include Clearing Limits, Earthworks Quantities, Turfing Plans, Landscape Concept, Buggy Path Routing and Stormwater Drainage. PWGD also liaise with and advise other relevant specialist consultants in the preparation of their documentation.


PWGD produce detailed technical specifications for golf course works including clearing, staking, earthworks and shaping, minor drainage works, greens, tees and bunker construction, seedbed preparation and grassing works.


PWGD have the capability to produce a variety of computer generated graphics to aid in the design, construction and marketing of a golf course. These include photomontages, rendered perspectives and animated fly-throughs and are powerful tools to convey design intent to the client, prospective members and construction personnel.


PWGD offer three options to suit individual client requirements;

  • Regular visits and reporting to ensure implementation of design intent.
  • More detailed supervision including attendance at site meetings, programming and cost control.
  • Full Construction Management through to handover.


PWGD have always striven to protect or enhance the environment in which golf related projects are proposed to be situated. To economically and effectively blend a new development into an existing landscape so that all sits naturally and harmoniously involves dedication, hard work and long hours to ensure nothing of value is lost in the clearing or construction phase.

PWGD is committed to this task on every project knowing that the up front care results in economy of construction and maintenance, high quality playing conditions and a healthy environment within, around and downstream of the course undiminished and enhanced by the presence of the course.

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